How much does it cost?
It's completely free!
What is it?
It's a game based on the Eurovision Song Contest. You just have to choose a Team, selecting four countries between the participating ones in ESC2021, plus an Announcer. In the Rules page you will see a list of bonus/malus that your team will gain/lose based on what they do on/off stage. You will also find the rule for Announcer: basically, you will gain points proportionally to the score that the Announcer will assign to your team members.
Do I need to create an account?
No, we just need the email for security reasons. It will never be used to spam you
I came here to have a good time, who will do the calculations?
Don't worry: you just have to insert your team and you will find the result of your choice on the website.
Why do I have to select an announcer?
In the Rules page you can see how the Announcers come into play in deciding the final ranking of Fantaeurovision.
Wait, did the Fantaodds changed?
Maybe :) The Fantaodds are changing live as we approach Eurovision, and are updated daily based on the real odds of multiple betting sites. So choose your best team before it's too late!
How can I register?
Just got to the registration page and insert you Team Name, your email and your 4 selections (+ the announcer). You need to stay under 50 Babushki in order to send your team.
What is a Babushki?
Please see here
Hey, you changed the bonus/malus!
The list could change up to the start of the FantaEurovision, but we will try our best to not change it too much! If you feel that you could have done a better choice for your team, send an email to or just insert your new selection with the same email that you used the first time.
How does Announcer work?
If your FantaAnnouncer country (jury + televote) gives points to 1 or more countries in your team during the final, then you get the same amount of fantapoints multiplied by 10! But, if the FantaAnnouncer country is an "ally" of one of your Team Members, you don't get any fantapoints from that country! "Allies" are countries that are more likely to vote for each other. are they are defined as the top 3 countries to which the Announcer has given the most points in the last 10 years. You can find the full list here.

Example: I choose Albania as Announcer, and my Team Members are Australia, Italy, Belgium and Finland. Then, if Albania gives 18 points to Australia, 8 to Italy, 2 to Belgium and 0 to Finland I will get:

- 180 Fantapoints for Australia (18 points x 10)

- 0 Fantapoints for Italy (Albania is an ally of Italy!)

- 20 Fantapoints for Belgium (2 points x 10)

- 0 Fantapoints for Finland